The Three Good Things & Diabetes

Melinda Seed writes for Twice Diabetes
Melinda Seed writes for Twice Diabetes

Lately I’ve been dipping into a Berkely EdX course on the “Science of Happiness”.  The course looks at studies and empirical evidence, as well as philosophical and religious beliefs about happiness.  It’s a really interesting topic and judging by the thousands of people from all over the world who are participating, happiness remains a hot topic-just as it was for the Ancient philosophers 3,000 years ago.

I haven’t seen an analysis of the happiness related to health and particularly the effects of managing a condition like diabetes.  Conincidently as I was looking at the Berkely course, I saw a lot of stuff on Social media about mental health week, so started to think about applying some of the science of the course to diabetes in particular.  I haven’t finished the course yet but I really liked one of the introductory exercises, so thought I’d kick off thinking about happiness and D with this.

Three Good Things. 

This is a quick, easy exercise that sounds a bit twee BUT I gave it a try and it really works. The idea is that at the end of every day you think of 3 things that made you happy (some say 3 things for which you’re grateful).  I’ve been doing it for life in general and it’s amazing how many small things there are to be happy about and how you tend to take the good things for granted but spend a lot of time thinking about little things that annoy or upset you. I think the same applies to diabetes.

The problem with diabetes is there is no end to the calculations, the medical appointments, the dietary mandates, the quest for perfection and it is so easy to dwell on the tiny infractions rather than the multitude of positive things we do for our health.  It might be as basic as giving yourself a shot-but hell congratulate yourself for doing something most of the population says they could never do.  Instead of focusing on the result of a bsl check, rejoice in the fact that you’re engaging in such a health-promoting activity.

So for yesterday:

I did well to put in a new pump site well before the old one stopped working and made my bsls go high.

IMG_0798_2I made time to purchase new pump supplies & I’m grateful I live in Australia where this is not a cheap but it is a possible option.

I checked my bsl 5 times and acted upon the results.

For another day it might be: I went for a half-hour walk in the sunshine, which was lovely and boosted my mental and physical health.

I ate low carb, high fibre food all day-yay!

I didn’t have any hypos today

WOW, I’m a legend at self-care if I do say so myself!

Seriously, I recommend giving this a try, both for diabetes stuff and life in general-even if you do it once a week, you’ll notice a difference.  Are there things you do to try to boost happiness?  I’d love to hear your three good things for today (diabetes-related or not)-please post a comment and let’s get a happiness bonanza going.




5 thoughts on “The Three Good Things & Diabetes

  1. 1) Consumed vegetable soup I made, walnuts & raw sunflower seeds
    2) Had a kick-ass day at work, getting a lot accomplished
    3) Didn’t stress because I’m flying cross country tomorrow and I’m not packed yet

  2. 1.Did Bay Run
    2.Only ate half the contents of refrigerator when I went hypo (usually polish off the lot!)
    3.Made optho appointment

  3. Thanks for stopping by to share Melissa & anon. I am glad that I went to the Sydney night noodle markets with friends tonight, it was lovely. I’m glad I have a pump to cope with the carbs and that I can test and correct for any miscounted carbs 🙂

  4. 1. Rode my bike
    2. Loved the sunny day
    3. Had dinner with a dear friend

    Have been doing a lot of thinking about happiness too, for the last couple of years and I’m coming to the conclusion that it’s all about the little things and the people you love 🙂 Living with D is just one of those things. In recent years I have lost loved ones and have two siblings living with life threatening conditions, 1 with terminal cancer. Living with D isn’t such a big deal 🙂

  5. You’re so right Cath. One of the things a lot of ppl in the Berkely course said was the 3 good things exercise made them realise it was the small things that made them happy. Our social connections and relationships are another big factor in our happiness.

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