A New Pump on the Aussie Block: Ypsomed!

A new pump is available in Australia, right now. The Ypsomed (pronounced ipsomed) has been TGA approved and will be reimbursed by your health fund and the consumables are on the NDSS.  I was invited to attend a soft launch of the product and provided with a loan pump to ‘test-drive’. Ypsomed covered my travel and accommodation expenses to attend this event and lent me a pump to test drive. I have not been paid or expected to  write about or comment on this or any other product.


Size comparison, Ypsomed at top, my current pump below.
My current pump (on left) alongside the Ypsomed.

The first thing I noticed about the Ypsomed is its size. It’s small and lightweight. I REALLY like that it is much smaller and much less bulky than my current pump (which is only a few months old and yet is the biggest pump I have ever owned).



It has a large, touch screen. Despite being small, almost the entire front of the pump is the screen, so it’s easy to read and use.

The pump is made in Switzerland (which has a reputation for quality in manufacturing) but 24/7 support is local rather than using an international call centre.

I was surprised to learn that Ypsomed has a long history of involvement in diabetes devices. They were, in fact, behind the Disetronic pumps available in the 80s through to the early 2000s. The current pump has been available in Europe since 2016.


The pump has a glass cartridge, which appeals to me as I feel the insulin may be less likely to degrade in glass and hope that at least there will be a tiny bit less plastic diabetes waste around as a result. Here’s hoping that Novo start bringing the pre-filled cartridges into Australia (they are currently available in Europe).

It is water proof (although I haven’t tested this…yet) and takes a AAA alkaline battery (the pump won’t accept lithium batteries).

A downside at the moment is that the pump doesn’t ‘talk’ to any of the CGMs, so blood sugar readings would need to be entered into the MYLife app manually in order to calculate correction doses. Ypsomed staff assured us that they are in talks with most of the CGM and Flash manufacturers

I understand that the Ypsomed blood glucose meter talks directly to the app for bolus calcs etc.

I haven’t actually attached the Ypsomed pump yet-I plan to in the next day or two (no sense wasting the full insulin reservoir in my current pump.  I shall update this review about usability and button pushes and also the use of the app once I’ve worn it for a while.

For a couple of other early reviews check out:

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I am excited about a pump that is smaller AND the fact that more players are entering the insulin pump market. I was worried with the withdrawal of J&J that we might end up with only one pump in Australia.  I’m sure that every pump has its own pros and cons but if you are looking for a pump or an upgrade make sure you check out all available options. Some educators or endos tend to push the pump that they’re most familiar with, I’m all for choice-so make sure you see a sample of ALL the pumps in the Aussie market before you commit.


6 thoughts on “A New Pump on the Aussie Block: Ypsomed!

  1. Mel, How exciting to have another choice. Did the reps address security concerns around apps and the use of Bluetooth? Can you manually enter BG rates and bolus from the pump itself? I am constantly loosing my phone. Do you have a contact number? Regards. Tracy.

    1. Hi Tracey,

      Yes you can manually enter basal rates and bolus from the pump itself. It is the bolus calculator-you know I am eating 25gms of carbs so my bolus should equal Xunits that needs to be done from the app, also the same for a correction bolus. My first pump didn’t have any fancy calculators so I am pretty happy without them.

      Good question about the security-that’s not something I took a lot of notice of but I will follow up with Ypsomed and get back to you.

      The contact details are:

      wwww.mylife-diabetescare.com.au customer care free call 1800 447 042

    2. “There are a number of security measures with the Bluetooth connection including the two way check on pump serial number and the random six digit code generated by the pump itself before the Bluetooth connection can be established.” So before a bluetooth connection can be established you have to enter a serial number that only appears on the pump into your phone or other device that’s establishing the connection. HTH

    1. I know it has snuck into Australia fairly quietly so far, which is good I think no waiting for approval as they’re all already done and its ready to go now.

  2. I am really interested to read more about the functionality of this pump. Have you used it yet? So far all the reviews I’ve seen talk about it’s size and sexiness but not a lot about it’s features. I’d really like to try something new but not convinced this one is right for me. For example in one of the comments here you say that you can only use the bolus wizard from your phone app, but I can see times when you might not have your phone with you or turned on. Such as in recovery after surgery (I’ve had many many surgical procedures so it’s top of my mind), on a plane, etc. that would bother me no end! So I’m also interested to learn about what info you can store in the pump, what alarms/reminders you can set, what the consumables are like to use, etc. There are many things that annoy me about the 640g but I’d be reluctant to change to something that gives me less than what it offers, but you don’t really know till you try it!

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