Back on the Carbs to Reduce my Insulin Doses!

Melinda Seed writes for Twice Diabetes
Melinda Seed writes for Twice Diabetes


So way back in April (wow time flies) I blogged about launching my low carb experiment. I was trying for ultra low carb because I’ve always been a bit all or nothing. I recognise for a lot of people it seems to work well, although I note that it seems to be men who really thrive on this regime. For me, despite perservering for some weeks, and despite the advice that this too will pass from low carb advocates I don’t like living with:

  • Brain fog, I just found myself being forgetful and vague.
  • My stomach frequently feeling like it was a cauldron of boiling sulphuric acid.
  • Protein breath despite brushing, flossing, mouth wash, mints etc.
Carbs! Although this may be too much of a good thing.

All this was bad enough but when I found my insulin needs increasing that is where I drew the line. The thought of insulin resistance scares the crap out of me. I found that the basal rates that had stood me in good stead (despite weight fluctuations) for 15 years were not enough even when fasting to test said basals. I’ve always been happy that at least I remain insulin sensitive –the last thing I want or need is a dose of type 2 diabetes on top of type 1.  So I’ve reintroduced carbs and voila, not only have I gone back to my previous basal rate but the last time I tested it seems I can slightly reduce the rate in the late afternoon. I’m retesting next week to see if this is more than a one-off.

I know some people have had amazing results not only with diabetes but also with weight loss and general health by going low carb and that’s great but it seems it’s just not for me. I’m back to [tying to] move more and eat fewer kilojoules from a variety of food groups. I do still have low carb meals when and if I feel like it -everything in moderation.

This is a healthier meal for me.
This is a healthier meal for me. Some veggies, some protein & some low GI carbs.

Have you tried low carb? How did it work out in the short, medium and longer term?

7 thoughts on “Back on the Carbs to Reduce my Insulin Doses!

  1. It seems rather a restrictive diet, and one that is better suited to people who have the time to prepare 3 meals a day. I much prefer opting for low Gi foods and having carbs in moderation with a balanced diet. But ultimately it’s about what works for you (something the LCHF activists don’t seem to understand). Good on you for giving it a go!

    1. Thanks Frank. I agree it’s about what works for you and I have a theory that perhaps our genes determine what it is that will work best in each individual case. It’s all trial and error-like everything in diabetes really. 🙂

    2. Not sure what you mean about LCHF activists 😛 but. Check out the recipes – don’t knock it till you try it 😉
      I think the LcHf activists can be in everyone’s face more than others but honestly that’s because it works so darn well (trust me man, I used to think those people who didn’t eat bread were crazy!) -Peace!

  2. Hey,
    I went ultra low carb for 9 months. In that time I had the best, smoothest sugars I’ve ever had in 23 years of type 1. I was able to exercise without fear of hypos for the first time. I also had tummy troubles and neuropathy started 🙁

    It was hard work and I felt great after a 4 week long carb flu in the beginning. My moods were even and I very few hypos!

    I realised how much I had been addicted to carbs leading to binge eating. It was a relief to learn that it wasn’t entirely my fault I was overeating!
    My insulin sensitivity decreased a little but then plateaued and my total insulin requirements were still a lot lower than before the low carb period.
    I stopped after my 4th episode of gastro in 9 months.
    I have since held onto a few good lessons :
    – Eating carbs leads to wanting more
    – Eat some protein or fat to feel full
    – Use fat or protein to prevent hypos, not carbs
    – Take insulin for protein when eating a lot of it, as a square bolus over a long period.
    – Eating lots of greens is actually quite filling 🙂

    My weight loss from the low carb days is slowly being gained. I lost 0.5kg pw on low carb. I’m putting it back on at a rate of 0.5kg pcm because I’m back into my sweets again 🙁

    All up I think you’re right about men having more success… My husband who’s not type 1 but high risk of type 2 lost 15kg and had no problems with it… Especially because I cooked for him 😉

    I’ve been lazy for 3 months and now have to get my sugars under control again somehow… I guess I had better concentrate on low GI and medium carb now.

    1. Interesting, I wonder if neuropathy has a dietary link? I hope that it clears up, I believe it can. I agree with most of your findings, there’s definitely an addictive quality to carbs, so I try to ensure I have protein at each meal.

  3. Thank you for writing! I am curious how many carbs per day you were eating during the experiment? Also, did you increase fat intake (or protein)? Were you taking any supplements? Personally, after about 6 months of eating lc I have never been happier with my bg control! I found that consuming adequate amounts of good fats and eating tons of veggies helped steady my bgs and gave lots of energy. i almost never have lows and almost never go over 180… The brain fog you mention may be as a result of not getting adequate calories total or maybe a vitamin deficiency. Personally I *used to think low carb would be restrictive but atter doing it myself for the last 6 months I proved myself wrong 🙂 please check out some great recipes:

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