Diabetes Christmas Gift Guide, Just Don’t!

Imagine being gathered around the Christmas tree and and unwrapping  a startling visual reminder of diabetes complications. Well this is what some British diabetes organisation is suggesting people with diabetes might like to find in their Christmas stocking.

What about…No?

 Ghee way to keep things festive.  I have no doubt that for a small subsection of the diabetes community the Solesee (see what they did there) would be useful-those with peripheral neuropathy and limited flexibility but really it’s the sort of thing I’d expect a podiatrist to recommend not a snazzy gift idea for anyone and everyone with diabetes.

Whilst we’re on the subject, don’t even think about sugar-free anything either. Those things taste disgusting, many of them are sugar free but still contain carbohydrates and weird arse impacts on your blood sugar-and over consumption can cause diarrhoea -just what you want for Christmas!

Diabetic cookbooks-NO!

MedicAlert jewellery-No!

Diabetic socks (I have no idea how socks can have diabetes, but I’ve seen such things for sale)-again NO!

In fact you’d best leave diabetes out of Christmas altogether, unless you’re going to offer up your functioning islet cells.

Here are some suggestions for gifts for people with diabetes:

Tiffany & Co 

Dom Perignon 

Red Balloon gift experience website

Share this with your non-diabetic friends and relos and have a Merry Christmas.


2 thoughts on “Diabetes Christmas Gift Guide, Just Don’t!

  1. I remember getting ‘diabetic’ chocolates from well-meaning rels many years past. Now just give me books, book vouchers, jewellery, good wine or a first class trip around the world. Keep diabetes out of Christmas.

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