Finding Your Diabetes Sweet Spot

Melinda Seed writes for Twice Diabetes
Melinda Seed writes for Twice Diabetes

Is there such a thing as enough in diabetes management?

Your A1c is too high, you get it lower and your weight increases, you exercise more but the resultant highs and lows lead to an increased A1c. I know of people who’ve been told their a1c is too low, they’re at risk of hypo unawareness. You change your diet and you get more lows and for no known reason your lipid profile becomes crap and so on and so forth.

At this point I go one of two ways. Throw my hands in the air, concede defeat and sulk on the lounge (with a glass of wine and bag of chips). Alternatively I launch headlong correcting the problem but often end up spiraling into the fix one problem cause another funk that is just so frustrating and ultimately leads back to putting up the white flag and settling back on the lounge. (It’s not as bad as that-I do get off the lounge from time to time but you know what I mean.)

I have started to think about (pardon the pun) finding a diabetes sweet spot. You know that “just right” point where you’re proactively managing all the diabetes stuff, your control is good and your self-management is facilitating the way you want to live your life rather than feeling like every waking moment revolves around finger pricks and carb counting. Neither are you trying to ignore diabetes –an exercise in fultility as it stalks your subconscious making you uneasy when you see steak and kidney pie on a menu.
For me, my insulin pump has really helped-it’s in the background and I’m not constantly focusing on doses and food. I tried CGM but that was a bridge too far-too many interrupting alarms and the one I tried was uncomfortable –always just bordering on pain. I don’t need that in my life. For some people a pump is too much –being attached to something is annoying for them.

Have you found your diabetes sweet spot? What does it mean for you and how did you get there? Please tell me, it might help me get off the lounge more often. Or do you think it’s unattainable, please share your thoughts.

4 thoughts on “Finding Your Diabetes Sweet Spot

  1. Melinda, if there is such a thing as a “diabetic sweet spot” it is only for a fleeting period of time. One day everything can be going really well: perfect BGL’s, no hunger or overeating – then the next day, everything is skewiff!! For myself, I take each day as it comes and try to not make those day’s activities all about my finger pricks, levels, etc. I do the best I can while taking pleasure in what that day holds. I use an insulin pump which gives a lot more flexibility, and I do up to 6-8 BGL checks a day. Ruth

    1. Thanks Ruth. It sounds like you’re doing pretty well with finding the sweet spot, to be able to make the most of every day while doing the best you can-sounds like the way to go. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I had a year of sweet spots when I added a Dexcom CGM. Absolutely loved it, and it really was 5.5. Sadly, can’t afford a CGM at the moment. Now it’s just a lot of hard work.

    1. That’s interesting. I trialled the Medtronic CGM but found it annoying, although I did like the Libre but same as you, it’s just too expensive. Here’s hoping the tech improves and becomes affordable or subsidised.

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