IDF Says t1 Managed Through Healthy Eating.

Melinda Seed writes for Twice Diabetes
Melinda Seed writes for Twice Diabetes




IDF’s 2015 WDD Ad








I am all for healthy eating, don’t get me wrong BUT this ad is misleading and deceptive.  This is much worse than Crossfit’s tacky tweet* in my opinion, there’s no excuse for this misinformation.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines “manage” as

“Be in charge of (a business, organization, or undertaking); run:”


Succeed in surviving or in achieving something despite difficult circumstances;”


Maintain control over

This ad, is asserting that you can survive or maintain control over type 1 diabetes through healthy eating. The use of the word “manage” and “through”without mentioning any other means of management, asserts that healthy diet alone will allow you to manage type 1 diabetes.

There is no mention of insulin at all. You cannot survive or manage type 1 diabetes without insulin.

This is a very badly worded message and if it was being used to sell a commercial product, I suggest that it may run foul of the The Trade Practices Act (Aust) misleading and deceptive conduct provisions (I’m not a lawyer by the way).

This isn’t even an honest message about type 2 diabetes as despite healthy eating many t2s will require medication to manage their condition.  It’s sending a completely erroneous message.

Is this the best that a consortium of international diabetes organisations can come up with to advocate for diabetes?  I despair!

7 thoughts on “IDF Says t1 Managed Through Healthy Eating.

  1. Unbelievable and irresponsible… And just plain annoying of the IDF… The very little good public knowledge can be unlearnt in a second with a stupid ad like this.


  2. Fantastic…….now I will have more friends and family telling my daughter doesn’t actually need the insulin. She just needs to eat healthier (she is already a healthy eater, ugh!)

  3. Another disappointment from IDF. Sadly, I am not surprised but am sill dismayed by this lack of clear and accurate messaging. Don’t even get me started on the “why aren’t they using their power to advocate for access to Insulin and diabetes supplies?” question. 🙁

  4. Just a quick update, there are promising signs that the IDF may be seeing the error of their ways with this ad, not before time, it’s unbelievable it was produced and paraded before WHO & all the honchos of IDF & nobody said a thing. I suspect advocacy is too hard Elizabeth 🙁

    1. Agreed that it is unbelievable, Melinda. If anyone has the power to advocate and make a differnce I think it should/could be the biggest global diabetes entity! If they aren’t taking on something ”too hard”, who will? I don’t think that’s a good excuse and I believe ensuring that everyone who has diabetes SURVIVES should be #1 priority. It baffles me that they can turn a blind eye to the suffering of many due to lack of access to supplis and insulin and then push for healthy eating when so many can’t even afford food at all! Anyway, i’ll get off the soap box for now. 🙂

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