IDF the Post Script & Being Churlish

Melinda Seed writes for Twice Diabetes
Melinda Seed writes for Twice Diabetes

This is a follow-up to my last post about IDF telling people type 1 diabetes could be managed through a healthy diet.

So the good news is that after a number of emails to the executive and staff of the International Diabetes Federation and posts on IDF’s Facebook page and twitter feed, we received an email that said amongst other things,



“We recognise that the wording of our type 1 message does not convey this intention accurately and so we have ceased promoting it and have removed  the visual displaying the message from all our channels and materials. “

Kudos to them for listening and changing the text. I know I’m being churlish in light of the fact that they have amended the text but I am still shaking my head that an organisation such as IDF could produce such a message in the first place and that they could launch it and show it at a fringe event of the World Health Organisation and NOBODY questioned the accuracy of the message. I mean, what’s with that? Look at the list of people who attended the launch event where the visual was shown and not one of them said a thing. It takes a few Australians to say “hang on your message isn’t saying what you think it is”.   The lack of response to such a blatantly misleading message makes  me wonder if there’s any point in awareness campaigns. Do they just wash over people who look at them uncomprehendingly? It seems so.

I-am-a-failureHere’s the list of people who attended the launch of the ad where they were told type 1 diabetes could be managed through a healthy diet.


From IDF website, last accessed  9.05pm 11 July 2015 (AEST)



19th May, Geneva, Switzerland


9 panellists (6 external, 3 IDF representatives)

  1. Dr. Petra Wilson, CEO of the International Diabetes Federation
  2. Sir Michael Hirst, President of the International Diabetes Federation
  3. MD, MPH Etienne Krug, Director, Department for Management of Non-communicable Diseases, Disability, Violence and Injury Prevention, World Health Organization (WHO)
  4. Dr. Francesco Branca, Director, Department of Nutrition for Health and Development (NHD), WHO
  5. Mr. Veli-Mikko Niemi, Director General, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Finland
  6. Dr. Mauricio Hernández, Director of the Public Health Institute of Mexico
  7. Prof. Akhtar Hussain, Professor of Community Medicine in the University of Oslo, Institute of Health and Society
  8. Ms. Louise Ansari, Director of Communications & Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes, Diabetes UK
  9. Mr. Timothée Froment, Young Leaders in Diabetes Regional Chair for Europe


Over 60 people from the below organisations attended the event

NCD Alliance
Alzheimer’s Disease International NCD Alliance
Medtronic International
Novo Nordisk
Medtronic Philanthropy
Novo Nordisk
C3 Collaborating for Health
American Heart Association
Government of Chile
Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina
World Economic Forum
World Cancer Research Fund International
Acumen Public Affairs
Rabin Martin
UK Health Forum

All those people with fancy titles and so many reputable organisations and presumably they all nodded when told type 1 diabetes could be managed with a healthy diet.

Diabetes awareness we’ve got a lot of work to do.

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  1. Brilliant observations Twice Diabetes Team !!! Just brilliant! We have work to do even though it’s baby steps – we can make wareness of T1D a reality for once – keep up the great work!

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