Make Diabetes Invisible Again

No diabetes in sight.

It’s diabetes awareness month and I have to admit I’m  too tired right now to jump on board. Not sure why really, probably a combination of a a bit of burnout and the approach of the end of a year in which I chose to work 6 days a week.  So for me I’m continuing with an approach I’ve been trialling for the last few months, making diabetes invisible. Haha anybody with type 1 knows that’s impossible, the boluses and basals, the carb counting the testing and adjusting-they won’t stop. I’m still doing all that but I’m trying to make it all less burdensome and trying to think about it less-at least for a while.

At the moment that looks like the Ypsomed pump and Libre.  I never really took to my third Medtronic pump that I got about this time last year, the 640G is big and cumbersome compared to my earlier Medtronic pumps. The 640G would always bulge out of clothing and I got sick of having to wear it clipped onto jeans pocket or having this heavy bulge in a pocket-it was just too obvious and I could feel its weight pulling on me-a metaphor for diabetes if ever there was one I was fortunate to be given the Ypsomed pump* earlier this year, I feel much more comfortable with its smaller size and lighter weight-it can be slipped into your bra without giving you a third square breast. Similarly the Libre, whilst visible during the summer months in Australia is invisible to me-I don’t feel it or see it (so long as I wear it on the back of my arm), testing is quick and clean and best of all it’s not going to beep at me to tell me that fifteen minutes ago I was high or low.

I see and talk with people who are looping, many feel that that makes diabetes less intrusive for them. I have a repaired Medtronic pump suitable for looping but at the moment I don’t want to think about setting it up, about adapting to something new again and I don’t want to wear CGM which is much bigger and obvious than the Libre. I plan to try looping next year and like most D tech innovations of which I’ve been sceptical I will no doubt find that it makes life with diabetes better rather than worse.

I like the idea of looping and the #wearenotwaiting movement, I really do, but right now I’m just wanting to make diabetes INVISIBLE.  For this diabetes awareness month I’m leaving it to my buddies in the d world who are doing a fabulous job, as always, of raising diabetes awareness and making the burdens of D apparent to the non-D community. For this year I’m lightening the load just a little-a few ounces less pump weight, a little less time online and scanning rather than pricking-it’s little enough but that’s all that I can do to ease the burden for now, and that has to be enough.

Happy diabetes month and remember to wear blue on November 14!

*Ypsomed did give me a pump to trial & have allowed me to keep it, there was no expectation or obligation that I would write about or comment on the pump.

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