‘Patients’ Vital For Sharing Conference Info


Melinda Seed

It’s always great when a piece of research confirms what you know to be true but others have doubted. It was super good timing when I came across this great finding published just a couple of weeks ago in the Journal of Internet Medical Research, 2017, August 17 19 (8):e 280

Engaged patients increase information flow, expand propagation and deepen engagement in the conversation of tweets compared to physicians and scientists.

It concludes that

Healthcare conferences that fail to engage patients in their proceedings may risk limiting their engagement with the public, disseminating scientific information to a narrow community and slowing information flow across social media channels.

It’s even better to see that we’re leading the way with this in diabetes here in Australia. Thanks to Diabetes Australia and ADS-ADEA annual scientific meeting for appreciating the role of the person with diabetes and facilitating the attendance of a small band of diabetes social media warriors (or junkies) to share conference proceedings with the D community.

Twitter is where it’s at for live updates (and photos of slides etc where permitted ), there will be Facebook updates and blogs and maybe even some vlogs as well.  I”m really hoping that this year we’ll lead the way for more pwd to find affordable ways to attend science and medical conferences.  I have just arrived in Perth and hope to get a guernsey to the Roche Educators Day on Tuesday but will definitely be running from session to session to bring you as much relevant information and insights as I am able from Wednesday through Friday.

Pretty sure this conference was patients included/ Spot the Dex

I will be tweeting @melindaseedT1D.  @FrankSita will also be tweeting, as will @health4diabetes (Ashley Ng) and @renzas   The hashtag for the conference is #ADSADEA2017 and #DAPeoplesvoice  is our team of social media warriors. Look out for the hashtags on Twitter andFacdbook and share the Dlove!

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