Saved by the Internet -Again!

So it was Thursday morning, my pump reservoir was empty but when I went to refill it, I found the button I needed to press wasn’t working. I pressed harder, I gave it a little break and put it in a cool place. Alas no, my very out of warranty pump had finally let me down. 

Farewell old friend.

So with no warranty replacement I needed a new pump. To add an extra hassle, I am officially between endos (that’s’ a long story) and I have no idea how to dose Lantus as it wasn’t available before I went on the pump. So Protaphane/NPH (aka Protopain/Not Particularly Helpful) was shaping up to be my basal for quite a while.

I sent a pleading email to an endo* who I knew from Reality Check days and had seen once and would continue to see but his only rooms are about a 2 hour drive away from me (and that’s in good traffic) asking if he could help me expedite a pump and then I did what I always do, I had a whinge on Facebook about the irritation of it all.

Then the magic started happening…

Within 2 hours I had a wonderful internet buddy’s spare pump winging its way to me from interstate and the endo’s office rang me to say the quickest thing to do was to come down & see the Diabetes Educator to get a new pump-would I like first available appointment.

At 8.30am this morning the was a knock at my door and an express post pack containing an Animas Vibe and several days worth of reservoirs and infusion sets. Wooohooo, less than 24 hours since my pump had carked it.  Just in time healthcare thanks to the internet-I just had to watch a couple of short Youtube videos that showed me how to load the cartridge and set basal rates etc and voila, pumping again in less than 15 minutes.  I am super grateful to the generous person who gave up their spare pump to let me borrow it. The D community is the best.  It was totally my fault that this whole broken pump thing was such a pain-I knew my pump was well out of warranty but had procrastinated about getting a new one-my bad. The internet saved my sorry diabetic arse-again.  It’s so cool when the system (in this case a complete lack of system on my part) works.

I’m so happy to be pumping again, I feel anxious without my pump, like I’m missing something. I keep reaching for it when it’s not there.

*A pump friendly endo who  uses email instead of faxes and has known about & supported internet diabetes groups etc for decades- they do exist, bless him, he’s a great guy. I’ve decided it’s worth the travel time to see someone who is truly patient-centric. Thanks Steve!


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