Top 7 Ways to Recognise if You Have Diabetes Burnout

Melinda Seed writes for Twice Diabetes
Melinda Seed writes for Twice Diabetes

I was doing some research about burnout and stumbled upon some wise words from a very naughty diabetic (he maintains a top-secret identity as Llambo but he knows who he is) from a strange virtual land that existed long, long ago.

Anyway I read this list and realised I didn’t have burnout haha, I’m maybe just a bit singed around the edges. How about you? Where do you sit on the burnout spectrum? Not a spark in sight, a pile of ashes or somewhere in between?

If laughter really is the best medicine (except for insulin of course) here’s a possible antidote to burnout.

Top 7 Ways to Recognise if You Have Diabetes Burnout

7. You go to order test strips but they’re no longer on the NDSS form.

6. You have a donut, go to bolus, but realise that instead of bolusing, you’re changing TV channels.

5.You stop enjoying Halle Berry in “Catwoman”. Mmmm Lycra

4. You are out driving and whilst stopped at a red light this guy pulls up next to you with the top down on his new Porsche. You have no idea who it is. That was your endocrinologist.

3. Somebody asks if you are type 1 or type 2 and you can’t remember.

2. You own 5 Novopens (including that ridiculous multi-coloured one) but you can’t find any of them.

And the #1 way to recognise that you have Diabetes Burnout is….drumroll purleeez

1. You finally make an appointment to see an endo, and they tell you that they found a cure 5 years ago. Bugga.

Seriously (or not if you like), do you have ideas about beating burnout or just surviving it? I’d love to hear them.

7 thoughts on “Top 7 Ways to Recognise if You Have Diabetes Burnout

  1. Yeah, burnout or just tired led to depression (mental as week an all)… Work has changed that – 15 hoursish a week with an understanding boss Re the t1 stuff has made a change 🙂

  2. At the minute everything diabetes over the last 3-4 weeks have been a real challenge and hard to deal with. Current Hb1AC has risen in 6 months from 7.2 up to 8.0. Have changed my lifestyle in this time to eating high protein, mod carbs and lots of fruit and veg and doing about 4 hours intense exercise in there and more monitoring than ever and was expecting a much better Hb1AC result. I know this is only a number, but that is what my specialist will look at when I see him this week. Also had issues with my insulin and pump, haven’t had a good sleep for about 2 weeks and my mood and I have felt tired and not caring about anything!!

    1. Awesome effort with the diet and exercise Vanessa, huge kudos to you. I feel for you to about the rise in HBA1c this disease can be such a &^%$ sometimes. Excellent opportunity though to make your specialist earn his keep, ask him why your a1c has gone up despite the extra monitoring and exercise. I hate it when I don’t get enough sleep, sounds like you need some pampering and a decent rest, hope you feel rested soon. xxx

    2. Don’t worry I will be asking my specialist about the HB1AC rise and what I need to do to improve it. For the next 24 hours I am back to MDI and background insulin and my pump is getting fixed and the loan pump I got wasn’t working either! So over dealing with it all!!

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