TSlim, YpsoMed, Cellnovo, Roche & Medtronic Choices!!

Melinda Seed

Yes, that’s right we’ve gone from  1 viable insulin pump choice to now having a choice of 5. I checked out what’s available at the Australian Diabetes Congress (#18ADC), formerly known as ADEA-ADS conference.

After the demise of the Animas Vibe, everyone’s been excited about the announcement that the Tslim is coming to Australia.  All existing Animas pumpers will be upgraded to the Tslim (as part of Animas’s contract with J&J).  I and some other bloggers were invited to a launch of the Tslim at a dinner on the first evening of the conference (AMSL provided the food and drink but there was no expectation or requirement that we comment, write about or mention their product).

The Tslim insulin pump is small and “sexy”. It has all the features of the much larger and clunkier Medtronic 640 pump BUT it’s considerably less bulky and has a touch screen.



  • 3ml reservoir (it can sill be so small because the reservoir is a pouch/bladder rather than a syringe).
  • Talks to Dexcom CGM
  • The software is automatically updatable, so tech changes don’t have to wait 4/5 years for an upgrade.
  • All bolus calculators etc builtin
  • 16 different profiles for basal and bolus rates.
  • Rechargeable battery.


As I’ve said before it’s great to have more choice and whether this is the right pump for you will depend on your lifestyle. It is quite a heavy pump despite its size and the removable metal clip that encases the pump makes it heavier. If you spend time off the grid, then the rechargeable battery is going to be limiting. For me, whose idea of camping is a hotel with a view of the mountains, not having to make late night dashes to the 7-11 to buy batteries would be a definite bonus.

Frank Sita of Type1writes  has an Animas Vibe and the Tslim is the pump of his dreams, he is so keen to start on the Tslim that we’re trying to help him out with the #TslimforFrank campaign. Please AMSL, let Frank be one of the first to get the Tslim upgrade (what else are friends for but to beg on your behalf) #TslimforFrank

I am a still a fan of the Ypsomed pump, because it’s small, lightweight and doesn’t require a load of button pushes when all I want to do is a quick bolus. I’ve reviewed the Ypsomed here.  I am looking forward to it talking to a cgm or flash device, I understand there is talk this may happen within the next few months.

Cellnovo were also at the Congress. This is another option for people who want something a bit more like a patch pump. My comments on it from last year’s D conference here .

Finally I did visit the Medtronic stand, they announced the ‘launch’ of their 670 pump system. There is a “but” though, the CGM that goes along with the 670 doesn’t have TGA approval yet, so they’ve announced a launch even thought the new pump isn’t available yet. To stop people rushing off to consider other pumps, they are offering that if you are upgrading or moving to pump therapy now, you will get a 64- PLUS 6 months worth of CGM AND they’ll upgrade you to the 670 when it becomes available.  I spoke to the reps, and a really senior business manager and they weren’t to be drawn at all about when regulatory approval might be received for the 670 CGM. Also if I were in the position of deciding whether to go with Medtronic I’d be asking for some sort of guarantee about when the upgrade will occur once TGA approval is received.



Sometimes if you hang about on social media too much, it can seem like everyone is using CGM or Libre and it’s only us Luddites who still fingerpick.  Of course the vast majority of us with type 1 D still prick our fingers. Ascension (formerly Bayer) have launched a new meter, tiny and tests assure us that it’s extremely accurate. It also has an App that you can download that gives you loads of info about trends etc.  It also allows you to have a second go at getting enough blood on the strip-this avoids the annoyance of wasting strips.

You can request a free (!) meter online.  “To request a CONTOUR®NEXT ONE meter, visit www.contournextone.com.au. The CONTOUR®DIABETES app is now available to download from the Apple App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).”



A big thank-you to Diabetes Australia for inviting me to be part of #DAPeoplesVoice, DA covered my accommodation and travel expenses and arranged a media pass for the conference. Any opinions expressed about the conference are entirely mine and do not represent those of DA.  Ascencia and AMSL provided food and drink whilst showing us their products but any opinions are entirely my own and there was no expectation from either company that I would write about their product.


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