What We Really Want for Christmas!

So this is Christmas…I am generally in favour of keeping diabetes out of Christmas but there’s been a recent flurry of discussion on the inter webs about this topic. So here’s my santa list:

10.  Insulin for all

We all know people are dying because they can’t afford insulin. This is a shameful situation, 100 years after the discovery of insulin. What’s even more shameful is that people are dying in one of the most developed and richest countries in the world.  At a practical level consider a donation to Insulin For All .

9.Affordable supplies

Similar to the above, but the things we need to manage our type 1 in an optimal manner are hideously expensive. Test strips let alone CGM and flash monitoring are beyond the budget of so many. C’mon let’s people with diabetes, governments and pharma/device companies work together to help people with diabetes.

8. Access to quality, non-judgemental and supportive HC and peer support

We have to engage with healthcare to stay alive, complications screening, scripts for insulin etc etc. It would be great if the judgement and blame approach we still see in many settings was banished for good. Some Drs and DNEs need to remember to do no harm and that includes psychological harm. It should also include being committed to quality, personalised care and being able to justify clinical decisions that impact people’s health.

7.Every HCP/academic/health promotion officer involved w diabetes given #languagematters statement from DA

I can’t believe it’s been more than a decade since DA pioneered this and yet you go to conferences etc and some presenters still talk about ‘diabetics’ having poor control and being ‘non-compliant’ <grrrr>.  DA Statement here

6.Every HCP given basic training in what type 1 is and on what insulin dependent means

Now wouldn’t that be great, we wouldn’t have to stress when admitted to hospital that somebody was going to kill us and we wouldn’t have to explain the most basic of facts about type 1 (NO! we don’t grow out of it and YES we do need basal insulin even if fasting).

5.A really good virtual reality game of type 1 D

All HCPs should have to play this at least for a few months. Experience the grogginess of highs, the constant mental gymnastics, the hypos in the middle of the night and despite your very best efforts at the end of the game, you still get a long lecture that somebody with hindsight is able to produce about what you did ‘wrong’ to produce a high or a low.

4. Surgical tape

Now bear with me here, I know some of you were a little perturbed to see this on a list of suggestions for diabetes-themed Christmas gifts but I personally could use this under the Chrissy tree-think how handy it would be to tape up the mouths of annoying relatives who ask “Should you be eating that?” 

3.A personalised insulin algorithm for pizza (or other food nemesis) that is 100% accurate.

C’mon admit it, this would make you feel pretty darn smug. Impossible to achieve this every time, but it’s nice to think there might be an answer our there.

2.A lifetime, on tap supply of your hypo fix of choice

I am so sick of buying hypo fixes-I just don’t want to have to think about it anymore. Oh and ones that don’t get icky when you find them at the bottom of your handbag/in a pocket 12 months later-that’d be great thanks.

1.The Cure

Yeah, we could all see this coming!  A cure would render the rest of the list obsolete and that would be the gift of a  lifetime!

Merry Christmas.

I’d love to hear your suggestions for what you’d put on Santa’s list-diabetes related -or not if you like. Please comment below.


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